I am blessed to be living on the family farm located in what once was Eureka. The land has been in the family since Tobias Hornbeck settled the valley in 1743. Most of my inspiration comes from all of the beauty that surrounds me. Although I have been fortunate to see the Rockies, Smokies, Alps and Adirondack as well as other mountain ranges, it is the Catskill Mountains I love the most and no other place I would rather be.

I was an art major in High School and SUNY at Buffalo.  I retired from teaching Computer Graphics and Animation as well as other computer programs at Tri-Valley High School.  

My work has been exhibited in numerous art shows over the years as well as being represented by art galleries in both the Catskill and Adirondack areas.

I am a signature member of North East Watercolor Society (NEWS) as well as a Board Member and Historian. I am also a member of several other art societies. In the 2014 North East Watercolor International Show I received the Strathmore Artists Papers Award and in the 2017 North East Watercolor International Show I received the Richard and Dorothy Price Award.

My style of painting is realism, having been inspired by so many great artists. I try to capture  a moment in time, the scene might be from the present or past. I love working with watercolors, the spontaneity of the different pigments as they interact and the unexpected results always amaze me. The joy is getting lost in creating the painting.